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Halal Cosmetics

Many people have probably heard the word “Halal” more or less, right? But mostly it is often misunderstood that “Halal” refers to the only correct type of food in Islam. But do you know that, besides halal food, there are also halal cosmetics products as well?

First of all, let’s understand the word “Halal”

By definition, “Halal” is an Arabic language which means “allow”, which is one of the principles of Islam, and refers to anything that is considered correct by Islamic principles.

This include any service, manufacture, or distribution that is not against Islamic law. Halal focuses on cleanliness in all production processes – whether in terms of raw materials, production equipment, production sites, as well as transportation that are correct according to Islamic law in all respects.

This is a guarantee that Muslims can consume food, products, or services completely.

What is Halal cosmetics?

Halal Cosmetics means skincare or makeup-related products that do not contain “Haram” or prohibited ingredients such as animal fat, animal-derived ingredients, alcohol, or modified ingredients.

Heredity is considered unclean according to Islamic principles.

This type of cosmetics do not contain harsh chemicals and harsh ingredients that are not pure on the face. Therefore, such cosmetics contain mostly natural ingredients such as plant extracts and minerals.

Muslims can be confident that cosmetics products that are Halal certified are manufactured according to Islamic principles.

Why is it better to use Halal cosmetics then?

Halal cosmetics are not just for Muslims only, they are also suitable for health-conscious consumers, and those who prefer products with natural ingredients such as organic, plant-based products.

This type of cosmetics are also suitable for people who are allergic to alcohol and people who want to avoid using harmful chemicals in their daily lives as much as possible.

Halal cosmetics focus on pureness and cleanliness in every production process. They do not contain any ingredients that derived from animal fats and harmful chemicals. Thus, they are considered safe from toxic ingredients that can penetrate our skin and body.

You are what you eat – and what you put your skin too!

As we all know that what we put on our skin eventually go into our body and into our bloodstreams. Considering the amount of chemical products we use in our everyday routine whether it is our skincare products, makeups, soap, mouthwash, detergents, other cleaning products, etc.

Would it be better that we can minimize using harmful chemicals and switch to safer alternatives such as Natural or Halal products?

Lastly, Halal cosmetics are also good for those who are nature conservationists, and people who would like to support animal cruelty-free products as well.

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